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Community you can rely on We provide effective and affordable treatment to recover from opiate use. At Groups, you can get the therapy and medication you need to regain control of your life. Unlike programs where you meet alone with a physician, we bring everyone together. People at different stages of recovery learn from each other, build collective wisdom, and hold each other accountable. Our counselors help you make a deep personal transformation and find purpose in life. As a physician at Groups, you will help provide high-quality, life-saving treatment to people with opiate use disorder, supported by our clinical team, technology, and protocols at every step. You can develop a part-time, shift- based schedule that works for you. You will

intake new clients, monitor patients’ progress, and manage their medication. Day-to-day management of your patient panel will be handled by our full-time, specialized clinical and administrative team. Our mission is to empower primary care physicians and non-specialists to treat opiate use disorder in a high-quality manner. Therefore, you do not need prior experience with addiction—just an active state license and a DATA 2000 waiver to prescribe buprenorphine. Physicians without a DATA 2000 waiver can obtain one after completing an 8-hour online CME course. This overview has details on the waiver process, including reimbursement by Groups. Once on board, you will receive in-depth training on our clinical protocols and mentorship from addiction- experienced physicians.

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