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2500 N. Federal Highway, Suite 103 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305 (844) 535-2700 t h e C o r e C e n t e r s . c om

ABOUT US Take charge of your life — and your future — with personalized rehab at The Core Centers. We’re a small, intimate, Florida-based facility providing long-lasting healing that helps you rebuild your life. Enjoy a warm community and comfortable accommodations — plus trips, swimming, and sports. In less than 1 hour, we’ll verify that your stay is covered by insurance. Within 24 hours, you could be on a plane to our beautiful campus.. You’re guaranteed a bed if you call today. This is not just about drugs or alcohol. We treat the underlying anxiety, depression, and trauma that make you more susceptible to substance abuse. For most people, addiction is just a symptom of latent mental health challenges: anxiety, depression, trauma, personality disorders, or others. These challenges are often overlooked— or ignored—in traditional rehabilitation. At CORE, we know that balanced mental health is the ONLY way to achieve real recovery…and a beautiful life. Our dual-diagnosis approach empowers you to make changes that last. We’re certified by the AHCA to treat major mental health illness, in addition to substance abuse. We start with a thorough medical evaluation to identify your mental health challenges, then create a plan of action. Our doctors might prescribe medications to stabilize your condition, or make pointed recommendations for therapies that’ll work best for you. The goal? Treat the root issues of your substance abuse, so you can free yourself for good. You can change your life. We can help. If you’re willing to give it your best shot, we’re going to make it happen. This is about your recovery, your future — and our support. We’re committed to authentic, honest rehabilitation that gives you the best possible chance for long-term recovery.

Awarded the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Behavioral Health Care Accreditation for excellence in performance standards and commitment to safe and effective care.

Proudly accredited by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Certified by the American Health Care Association to treat major mental health illness, in addition to substance abuse.

This is not just about drugs or alcohol.


2500 N Federal Highway Suite 103 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305 844-535-2700



Who is Core? We’re a team of passionate rehab professionals Help people live again. Because life with addicti

What makes us different Through 100+ combined years of experience, we’ve developed a core set of beliefs — and they’re reflected in every part of our program. One size does NOT fit all. We recommend the 12-Step programs to many of our residents, but our approach is holistic. Our variety of treatment programs — enhanced by mind-body healing activities like yoga, massage, and outdoor recreation — allows our residents to find the mix that works for them. Substance abuse is a symptom. When you peel off the layers of drug and alcohol addiction, there’s a festering wound below. Substance abuse is the byproduct of trauma, anxiety, and other mental health challenges. By getting to the core of the issues, we can uproot the source of addiction and promote long-lasting healing. Small is beautiful. At CORE, you matter. Our alumni describe a place where “Everybody knew who I was, and everybody cared.” We average only 17 residents per month, with a staff to resident ratio of 2:1 — and our alumni have pinned their success to this small, personalized feel. Your progress matters. No flying under the radar here. You can expect every member of our staff to know your name and circumstances — and call you out if you need help getting back on track. Because that’s how real healing happens.

Integrity above all. Unlike dozens of rehab pop-ups dotting the Floridian landscape, CORE exists for one reason only: to help people (really) heal. Our staff will never make false promises or use manipulative techniques to get residents to register. We see integrity as a longer — but more enduring — path to success. Motivation is at the core of healing. This is YOUR life — and if you’re invested, we can help you turn it around. Residents who are deeply motivated to heal and start fresh show remarkably high rates of long-term recovery. Recovery must be practical. You’ve recovered — now what? Recovery is where the magic begins, but it cannot be sustained unless you’ve properly transitioned into real life. At CORE, life skills and job management are an integral part of our program. Because if you’re going to head back into society — and live the life you always wanted — you need practical tools and support.

Passionate rehab specailists

with one goal: n is not a life.

Dual Diagnosis Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Where addiction has met its match

We’re certified by the AHCA to treat major mental health illness, in addition to substance abuse. We start with a thorough medical evaluation to identify your mental health challenges, then create a plan of action. Our doctors might prescribe medications to stabilize your condition, or make pointed recommendations for therapies that’ll work best for you.

the core centers 2500 N Federal Highway, Suite 103 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305 844-535-2700

DETOX Start your sobriety Safely .

Trying to quit alone is dangerous: sudden abstinence can shock your nervous system and induce devastating withdrawal symptoms like: • increased blood pressure • diculty breathing • muscle tension • heart attack • stroke • hallucination • Without ongoing medical monitoring, the process can at best backre, and at worse lead to death.

Clear the road to recovery Stabilize your mind, body, and soul…. and begin your journey towards sobriety. A scary but important step, detox clears your body of deadly substances, preparing you for transformative treatment — and a joyful life. e rst step towards sobriety is weaning your body o chemical dependence.

STEP 1 Assess

We’ll p rsonally assess your detox needs, as well as recommend a length of stay — usually between 4-7 days — then refer you to one of three preferred detox facilities in the area.

STEP 2 Get care

You’ll receive safe and effective detoxification with 24-hour monitoring by skilled physicians and addiction specialists.

STEP 3 Join us

Once your body has gently transitioned to “substance-free,” you’ll join the Core family and begin your rehabilitation process.

Every person regardless of race, gender, religious affiliations, social standing or sexual orientation is endowed with gifts from God

The Core Centers 2500 N Federal Highway Suite 103 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305 844-535-2700 THECORECENTERS.COM

Addiction Treatment (IOP/OP)

If you require less intensive treatment — because you’ve already completed other treatment stages — we’ll recommend Intensive Outpatient or Outpatient treatment. You’ll run your day-to-day life as usual and join us in the evenings for treatment. You’ll move towards sober living with 3 hours of group therapy 2-3 evenings a week, as well as 1 hour of individual therapy in the IOP program. Your customized treatment plan will include: • medication management and monitoring • treatment for co-occurring psychiatric disorders (if present) • individual case management • small group or family therapy • educational groups on early recovery and post-treatment acclimation

Support your long-term recovery with a strong emotional foundation.

Explore your past and its contribution to your addiction. Understand the relationship between addiction and mental health issues. Master emotional regulation and expression.

Heal on your terms: work by day, treatment by night

of your life — and your future — with personalized rehab at The Core Centers. TAKE CHARGE

Visit to discover more...

Recovery Happens

2500 N Federal Highway Suite 103 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305 844-535-2700

Serenity. Inside and out.

Set the groundwork for honest recovery by addressing the root cause of your addiction. We will:

Identify your latent challenges with a thorough medical evaluation Create a customized treatment plan Work with you to adjust treatment and medication as needed. Our holistic — and exhaustive — therapeutic programming can effectively eliminate destructive behaviors, giving you the chance to (finally) live life! Push For Substance Uproot the underlying cause of your addiction — and heal from within.

INDIVIDUAL THERAPY Challenge your impulses with CBT, DBT, and motivational COUPLES/FAMILY THERAPY Rebuild your most important relationships with clarity and communication. PROCESS GROUPS Accept your challenges and learn to love and appreciate yourself. CREATIVE THERAPY Find meaning and give your feelings expression with restorative art and music therapy.

HEALTHY CHOICES Lay the groundwork for healthy choices with relapse prevention, anger and stress management, healthy relationship models, self- esteem building, and behavioral mapping. LIFE SKILLS Step back into life with GED acquisition, resume + interview preparation,college applications, nutritional guidance, and food stamp applications.

2500 N Federal Highway Suite 103 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305 844-535-2700 THECORECENTERS.COM THE CORE CENTERS

12 Step Recovery

12 (not so) small steps for you… One GIANT leap for your future Follow the 12-step recovery program during reatment—and give yourself the best shot at success. At CORE, we encourage our residents to try the 12 Step Program because it has the highest rate of success. How does it work? • Attain stability by surrendering to a Higher Power — and your limitations. • Find understanding from those who share your challenges and know what you’ve been through. • Restore your relationships with encouragement and guided steps. • Hold yourself accountable with peers and sponsors who believe you’ll succeed. • Release yourself from your imperfections and work to rectify your mistakes.

Alternative Programs

Feel like the 12 Step Program is not a fit for you?

We offer an array of alternative proven treatment options. Choose one — or a combination of all — and support yourself according to YOUR needs. CELEBRATE RECOVERY Lean on your faith with Christianity-centered programming that combines the 12-step program with 8 religious principles. SMART RECOVERY Empower yourself with science-backed programming that uses evidence- based treatments like cognitive, behavioral, and motivational therapies. HEALTH + FITNESS Heal your body first, mind second with evidence-based treatment that activates feel-good hormones and promotes overall wellbeing.

Helping people live again.


Past Doesn’t Have To Define You BECAUSE YOUR

HEALTHY PROGRESS F.D.A. to expand medication-assisted therapy for opioid addicts

I N AN EFFORT to encourage new treatments for opioid addiction, the Food and Drug Administration plans to begin permitting pharmaceutical companies to sell medications that help temper cravings, even if they don’t fully stop addiction. The change is part of a wider effort to expand access to so-called medication-assisted treatment, or MAT. The agency will issue draft guidelines in the next few weeks. A senior agency official provided details of the proposal to The New York Times.

The new approach was signaled Saturday by the health and human services secretary, Alex M. Azar II, in remarks to the National Governors Association. Mr. Azar said the agency intended “to correct a misconception that patients must achieve total abstinence in order for MAT to be considered effective.” While the Trump administration has generally supported medication-assisted treatment, Mr. Azar’s predecessor, Tom Price, was not completely on board with it. Mr. Price caused an uproar among treatment experts when he dismissed some medications that reduce cravings through synthetic opioids last spring as substituting one opioid for another. He subsequently walked back those comments, saying officials should be open to a broad range of treatment options. Mr. Azar, who took office late last month, said he would work to reduce the stigma associated with addiction and addiction therapy, and would not treat it as a moral failing. The opioid epidemic is considered the most unrelenting drug crisis in United States history. In 2016, roughly 64,000 people were killed by drug overdoses, including from prescription opioid painkillers and heroin. Noting federal data showing that only one-third of specialty substance abuse treatment programs offer medication-assisted treatment, Mr. Azar said, “We want to raise that number — in fact, it will be nigh impossible to turn the tide on this epidemic without doing so.” Mr. Azar’s comments echo those of the F.D.A. chief, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who has made battling opioid abuse a priority for his agency. Dr. Gottlieb has moved to reduce opioid prescriptions by doctors and dentists and to promote more medication- assisted treatment, defined as drugs used to stabilize brain chemistry, reduce or block the euphoric effects of opioids, relieve physiological cravings, and normalize body functions. The F.D.A. has approved three drugs for opioid treatment — buprenorphine (often known by the brand name Suboxone), methadone and naltrexone (known by the brand name Vivitrol) — and says they are safe and effective combined with counseling and other support. But the agency said it would soon publish two guidances, recommendations for drugmakers, on the issue.

Addiction hurts...




• Detox • Day/Night (PHP) • Addiction Treatment (IOP/OP) • Life Skills Program • Aftercare Program • Family Support • Alumni Program

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