“Hopefully, we'll be the conduit to helping more people get their lives back on track.” – Marvin Blye, A Step Forward

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One area in which A Step Forward plans to develop new services is helping military veterans with treatment, mental health referrals, or other needs. “Our veterans “So, we are looking to put together services to target them as a group, as part of our strategic plan moving forward.” As a community-based agency “we need to be a part of the fabric of the community, in building relationships with people and other agencies. This is a community that has had a lot of issues. Our mission is putting together resources and processes to help bring the community back.” “This is a challenging environment in which Step Forward in all different kinds of conditions and shape, based on the lifestyles they were leading. Our job is to help them put the pieces of their lives back together to get them on the path of healthy living. While they are here, they are doing a lot of building and discovering, so they can maintain that healthy life after they leave here.”

community-based organizations because “I've always loved helping people. As a

people and providing services to make their lives better.” “Knowing how long this organization has been around, it's a testimony to Lela Campbell's fortitude to keep the drive going to render services to the community.” Step Forward relies heavily on grants from public agencies, private foundations and similar groups, he points out. One cause for optimism, he notes, is that local, state and federal agencies are responding to the current opiate-abuse epidemic by providing more grant funding and other resources to help local agencies like A Step The trend toward providing treatment, rather than incarceration for persons suffering from the disease of drug and alcohol addiction is also reason for hope, Blye says. “Hopefully we'll continue being the conduit to helping more people get their lives back on track.” 13

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