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FALL 2016

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IN THE NEWS 24 BEND BUT DON’T BREAK Yoga is being used to help people maintain recovery and avoid relapse 26 COPINGWITH DISCRIMINATION Discrimination remains largely ignored as a cause of substance abuse 28 FIGHTING FIREWITH FIRE Researchers look to combat addiction through repurposed pharmaceuticals 30 HIDDENDANGERS Alcohol poses whole host of health concerns 32 MORETHAN SKINDEEP Implant represents revolutionary approach to treating opioid addiction 46 REFUGE FROMTHE STORM Client finds a home at A Step Forward 50 THE POWEROFTRYING AGAIN Recovering addict’s persistence pays off 54 GOINGDEEP Clinical Mental Health Therapist guides ASF clients 60 SEEDINGGROWTH ASF treasurer seeks sustainability FEATURES 08 HOWYOU CANHELP The importance of volunteerism & collaborations 12 A NEWHAND ATTHE HELM Marvin Blye takes over as ASF executive director 16 BUILDING FOUNDATIONS Family starts new volunteer effort

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34 UNDERSERVED AND UNDETERRED Overcoming the unique challenges LGBTQ individuals face with addiction 36 RELAPSETRACKERS Fitness trackers can help prevent relapses 38 PROLONGINGTHE PAIN Study suggests painkillers may be having the opposite effect in the long run 40 GROWING CONCERNOVER HEROIN USE New poll shows Americans are increasingly concerned with the dangers that heroin use poses to the country 44 BOOM, BUST, ANDDRUGS Study says economic downturn leads to increase in substance use disorders

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