His second chance worked Partlow says his second treatment experience differed from his rst because “this time, I applied the information they gave me,” which helped him resist the urges to go back to using drugs, which are an inevitable part of early recovery. He also made a spiritual connection. “I put God rst this time. If I have thoughts about using, I ask God to release that anxiety. The spirit can always override any thoughts of using.” He also attends weekly meetings, and participates several times a year in a spiritual retreat with other recovering people, at Credo Recovery ministry in southern Maryland. He has a driver's license and truck, and works part-time as an auto body repairman. He also has a new hobby, bowling several times a week. One of the major lessons Partlow learned is that “you have to change the inside before you can change the outside. If you get with the winners, the people who are doing the same thing you are doing, you will be a winner. I'm a winner.” While his physical condition “ain't the greatest, it's better than it was. And, I'm healthy spiritually. I can get up in the morning and I don't have to want for anything. I remember many mornings curled up in a fetal position and wondering 'What can I do now?' Now, I don't have to worry about having to chase anything; that's a great feeling.” Partlow is grateful for recovery, and grateful to A Step Forward. “They have a very good program. They make sure you apply the information they give you, make sure you go to your groups, and that your health is taken care of. A Step Forward has grown. The rst time I went in there, they only had two recovery houses; now they have ve. We're growing, so, we must be doing something right.” About a year ago, Partlow agreed to become part of the ASF board of directors, as a former client. He serves on the greeting committee, calling each board member several times a month “to see how they are doing.” He also regularly returns to visit with current clients and give them a dose of optimism, which can be a powerful force. “I tell them, ‘Where you're at, now, that's where I used to be. Now, I'm here.' I tell them they can do it, too.”

“We're growing, so we must be doing something right.” – Wayne Partlow, board member, A Step Forward

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