MENTAL HEALTH THERAPIST GUIDES ASF CLIENTS “IF YOU CAN CHANGE THE WAY YOU ARE THINKING, YOU CAN CHANGE THE WAY THE ENVIRONMENT AFFECTS YOU.” GOING DEEP Mental health therapist Katrina Anderson, owner of Peace of Mind Counseling Center, LLC, in Baltimore, helps A Step Forward, Inc. serve clients who have various mental health symptoms, in addition to their substance abuse diagnoses. As the daughter of a mother who struggled with drug addiction, Anderson grew up in the foster care system. Looking back, Anderson believes the sometimes challenging experience broadened her perspective, which has helped her to better relate to clients and build trust. school and become a physician. But a psychology course in her second quarter at the school sparked her interest in pursuing a counseling career. After earning a B.A. degree in psychology with a minor in social work, she also completed a master's degree in clinical psychology and a CAS degree in counseling psychology from Towson University. Anderson's early career experience included positions as a child care worker in a group home for girls, and as an addiction counselor in the prison system, and in a clinical setting.


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