GROWTH “One of our objectives is making it

employment. We want them to be able to feel useful to society and themselves, and feel value from contributing to the greater good. Lela calls it 'divine intervention.'” He continues to be impressed by what A Step Forward has accomplished to date. For organizations like A Step Forward, “dening your specialty is what lets people know that you are serious about your craft. She has found a niche focusing on helping in Harlem Park. A Step Forward can use that as a stepping stone to expand its reach beyond the local community, to help all of Baltimore and have an impact statewide.”

possible for A Step Forward to build a solid reserve to the point where we can take on more ambitious projects. Nothing happens in this world without nances; nonprots often encounter signicant nancial challenges.” Onyemelukwe wants to help A Step Forward make more connections to foundations and other funding organizations, and individual supporters, “who can contribute to that goal of sustainable growth.” A Step Forward's ultimate mission is to help its clients make “sustainable” recoveries, Onyemelukwe points out. “We don't want someone to relapse because they don't have money to take care of themselves or don't have

“Our vision is developing repeatable processes and outcomes , and making sure the organization will be sustainable.” – Michael Onyemelukwe, A Step Forward


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