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HKD Treatment Options our mission is to meet your individual recovery need. Whether you have an addiction to alcohol or opiates, our treatment plans are catered to you needs. Our offices are discreetly located in areas for your convenience. If you, a friend or a loved one have an addiction problem, book an appointment and be seen today!

At HKD Treatment Options, we strive to help you on the road to recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Our mission is to meet and exceed your needs by offering an inviting atmosphere, counseling services, and treatment plans that will fit into your life’s schedule. HKD Treatment Options understands that the thought of payments, health bills or whatever your insurance will cover costs may deter you from seeking treatment. But at HKD Treatment Options we do our best to work with you and your life’s schedule to meet your recovery needs.

Our goal is to make this process simple but most importantly, effective.

BEHAVIORAL HEALTH COUNSELING HKD Treatment Options is a place of healing with emotional and therapeutic support. Both individual and group counseling are available which is an integral part of recovery from addiction to alcohol and opiates.

ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE Our Alcohol Dependence program provides a medically supervised process of assisting patients safely go through alcohol withdrawal. After the outpatient alcohol detox is complete, patients have the choice of receiving a medications to coincide with counseling.

OPIOID DEPENDENCE Our Opioid Dependence program offers the choice of either suboxone or vivitrol for addictions to heroin or prescription drugs. Both suboxone and vivitrol have the best outcomes when used in combination with counseling.

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