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Our Mission is to create an environment where keeping up with the latest trends and delivering them to our clients is important to our company and industry. We have established consistency in our services and believe our best asset is our client relationships. At the end of the day you will always know we are thankful for your committed loyalty to our company. Tracy Pohlkamp OWNER + STYLIST / INDULGE STUDIOS

A full service hair, skin and nail center located in

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Meet our full service salon team

At Indulge Salon + Skin, we are proud of our talented and friendly team members. If you have a favorite, ask for them by name when you make your next appointment. Whitefish Bay, WI

TRACY OWNER & SENIOR STYLIST Tracy was born and raised in the world of hairdressing because of her mother, a cosmetologist and instructor. Tracy takes her artistry seriously and strives to be the best in her craft. For over 20 years, she has worked to perfect her craft by learning from the very best: Vidal Sassoon Academy, DevaChan/DevaCurl, where she was certified in the “deva curl” techniques and a plethora of color companies. Tracy’s education never stops because she believes her “client” deserves to have a professional who is aware of all the new, as well as the classic trends in hairdressing. Tracy travels the globe not just for fun, but to make sure that each client who sits in her chair fully understands his/her needs and Tracy’s professional signature style. Vidal Sassoon, a very smart man, once said: “If you don’t look good, we won’t look good.”

Tracy is a super talented hairstylist and salon owner. But, in my mind, what makes her head and shoulders above the rest is her uncanny ability to stay current on all the latest industry trends AND give her clients the look they want, knowing what is the most flattering to them. With Tracy, you’re in good hands for any special occasion or big day!

James Customer Experience

-Molly Fay, The Morning Blend TODAY’S TMJ4

Leslie Manager

Vera Nail Technician

Kari Esthetician & Dermalogica Expert

Reehanah Front Desk Coordinator

Nicole Esthetician & Lash Extension Artist

Leroy Esthetician

Robbyn Stylist

Sam Stylist

Tammy Stylist

Alyssa Stylist

We have a wide variety of makeup, hair care, skin care and other products for you to indulge in. Please ask one of our friendly staff members for assistance if you are unsure of your specific needs.

We have a wide variety of makeup, hair care, skin care and other products for you to indulge in. Please ask one of our friendly staff members for assistance if you are unsure of your specific needs. Visit Indulge today for product consults. I ndulge P R O D U C T S

18.21 MAN MADE Our approach is to always provide uncommon goods which, feel uniquely American in nature and provide a nostalgic yet modern grooming experience. We meticulously form this experience through the use of exceptional materials, choice ingredients and the custom crafted aroma of sweet tobacco.

ALOXXI The goal of Aloxxi is to help clients understand the power of not just our great products, but the need to have talented Professional stylists to creat fantastic colors and styles. It is our job to meet the clients needs and oer transparency. By educating consumers about the color of professional color and the professionals who apply it, we hope to create an iconic brand and help grow the professional beauty industry and the businesses of stylists worldwide. BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT IS THE ONLY SMOOTHING TREATMENT THAT CAN BE CUSTOMIZED to keep curl and lose frizz, or to achieve a sleek and straight result. Known for significantly reducing drying and styling time for up to 12 weeks, a major benefit of this treatment is that it is finished at the salon with no "down" time. This means you can leave the salon and immediately wash your hair, exercise, put it in a stylish pony tail or clip without having to wait days to do so.

CLARISONIC Clarisonic invented sonic skin cleansing in 2004 and today has sold over 15million of its patented – and much loved – devices that help to reveal healthy, younger-looking skin. Clarisonic’s mission is to beautifully transform skin and it does that by cleansing skin 6X better than hands alone. Gentle enough for twice-a-day use, Clarisonic devices are the #1 most recommended by US dermatologists.

SMITH & CULT Smith & Cult represents the duality we all inhabit throughout our lives and our individual expressions of beauty, which reflect who we’ve been, are and aspire to become. Each shade is inspired by and representative of the experiences depicted in the diary entries of our beauty addicted heroine who sees her world through a lens of color.

ST. TROPEZ With one St.Tropez spray tan performed every minute and one product sold every fifteen seconds, St.Tropez is proud to be the leading tanning brand chosen globally by professionals, celebrities and beauty editors alike. Our wardrobe of choice provides the perfect product for every skin tone, from a light sun-kissed glow to our deepest, darkest bronze. REVITALASH RevitaLash Cosmetics is your premier lash, brow, hair and skin-perfecting beauty expert. We create products focused on drawing forth your greatest assets for eyes that captivate, hair that speaks volumes, and skin that glows with perfection. VOTIVO Since its inception in 1994, Votivo has built a reputation for its quality fragrances and distinctive packaging. Each Votivo product is a culmination of care and commitment to detail. Each candle is hand-wrapped and each seal is hand-pressed making each product special. At the heart of every Votivo candle is a unique fragrance meticulously formulated and layered to reflect depth, richness, and complexity. As one of the very first domestically made luxury candle lines, Votivo passionately pursues excellence in the art of candle NUFACE Our best-selling product, the NuFACE Trinity®, is the first and only FDA-cleared, handheld multi-solution device. Known as the “5-Minute Facial-lift,” the NuFACE Trinity includes the Facial Trainer attachment that has been clinically proven for improved facial contour, skin tone and wrinkle reduction in as little as 5-minutes a day. This award-winning device, designed with interchangeable treatment attachments, allows for multiple skin therapies with one device. GLO SKIN BEAUTY Your SKIN is as unique as your individual BEAUTY. Glo Skin Beauty provides a fully integrated line that starts with your cleanser and ends with your lipstick. Researched and developed with innovative, active ingredients and nourishing minerals, our professional products complement our retail products seamlessly, delivering your personalized prescription for healthy, beautiful skin. Skincare and makeup professionals worldwide use Glo Skin Beauty to deliver on the promise of flawless skin and empower their clients with confident beauty.


We offer customized skin treatments targeted for your personal skin care needs. You will leave with your best looking skin and a at home treatment plan to maintain your beautiful skin. The Dermalogica Skin Treatment Dermalogica’s skin treatment is customized tomeet your exact skin’s needs based upon your personal facemapping skin analysis - delivering visible results through their professional strength formulas. 60 MINUTE TREATMENT The Deluxe Skin Treatments: The Dermalogica skin treatment plus heatedmitts and booties on your hands and feet followed by a shoulder, hand, arm and foot massage. 90 MINUTE TREATMENT NU-FACE Facial A professional skin treatment that uses the NU-FACE facial trainer. The NU-FACE device is clinically-tested to improve facial contour, skin tone, and wrinkle reduction. Fast, focused, and flawless. Using the NU-FACE device plus skin care treats the skin at every level. 45 MINUTE TREATMENT Facials

Glo Skin Beauty Phyto-Active Facial

Smooth, soften and revitalize your skin with this advanced treatment utilizing plant stem cell technology. A fruit enzyme andmild organic acid exfoliant prepares skin to receive peptides and plant stem cells. Skin’s microcirculation is boosted during a relaxing massage while the serum andmask help skin regain elasticity and plumpness. Your skin

is left looking lifted and lustrous. 60 MINUTE TREATMENT

Back to basics :

Betweenseaweedsoaks, uber-priceyage ‘reversing’ productsandyes, evenplacenta facial creams, there’snoquestion theskincare industry hasbecomeovercrowdedandnearly impossible tonavigate, leavingus all towonderwhat’sactuallynecessaryandhelpful for our skin.

Whatweallwant isprettysimple, right?Clear, smooth, glowingskin. So let’sbreak it down to thebasics…asimple three-stepregimen.

1. Cleanse. Thisone isobvious. Use twicedaily.Why, you ask?Your skindoesmost of its repair overnight, leavingdead skincellsat thesurface. Similarly, after a longdayof exposure toenvironmental pollutants,make-upandoil buildup, pores canbegin toclogand therein lies the issue.Washonceat the beginningof yourdayandonceat theend. 2.Moisturize. We live inWisconsin, soour skin isconstantly in aperiodof adjustment toour varyingweather.Without it, skincan appeardull andexacerbatefine lines/wrinkles. And, likeanydry skin, it’suncomfortableand itchy. 3. Exfoliate. Removingdeadskincells isalsoano-brainer. Without evenagentleexfoliator, that deadskin just sitsatop the surface. Exfoliation isalsocritical tohealthycell regeneration– the processof sheddingdeadskinandgeneratingnewcells.

Whether you are looking for a soft day look or a fabulous evening look, our expert make-up professionals will have you looking your best.

LASHES False Eyelash Application 15 MINUTES

MAKE-UP Make-Up Lesson Fee will be applied towards any glo Skin Beauty make-up purchase 45 MINUTES Make-Up Application 60 MINUTES

Lash Perm Includes tint 60 MINUTES

Lash Tint

Brow Tint 15 MINUTES

Interested in learning about how to do your ownmake-up? Schedule a customizedmake-up lesson today!

Wedding S ervices Of all the moments in your life, your wedding day is the greatest celebration of joy and passion in which you are surrounded by the love of family and friends. It is an occasion of meaningful commitment and a time to celebrate; Indulge Salon + Skin understands just that and wants to be a part of your magical day. A wonderful wedding is all in the details. Each moment of your day creates a memory. Indulge Salon + Skin ensures you will feel relaxed and beautiful on your special day. Our caring, professional staff is committed to providing you with services that will add to your cherished memories and will make your dreams become a reality.

BRIDE STYLE Bridal Trial InSalonUpdo InSalonUpdo InSalonCurls (SpecialtyStyle) On-siteUpdo BRIDESMAID InSalonUpdo InSalonUpdo: (Specialtystyle) On-siteUpdo

JUNIOR BRIDESMAID InSalonUpdo InSalonCurls (Specialtystyle) On-siteUpdo On-siteCurls (Specialtystyle) MOTHER OF THE BRIDE InSalonUpdo InSalonCurls (SpecialtyStyle) On-SiteUpdo On-SiteCurls (SpecialtyStyle)

Tracy and Alyssa went above and beyond to make sure my wedding day hair vision came to fruition. I am forever grateful to them for listening to and guiding me up until the moment I walked down the isle. I will never forget the extra time they took to make it possible. Thank You for sharing your talent, expertiese, and for the absolutely gorgeous hair style on my wedding day.

-Lisa Fuller, Indulge Salon + Skin Bride

Indulge Salon + Skin is a full service hair salon offering only the best in our techniques, skills and product lines. Hair Services

HAIRCUTS & STYLES Clean up/Bang Trim: Complimentary One complimentary clean up or bang trim in between regularly scheduled appointments

Women’s Haircut Devacurl Haircut Devacurl Halo cut Men’s Haircut Children’s Haircut (12 and under) STYLING/UPDOS Blowdry Flatiron/Curling add on to Blowdry Updo Speciality Style (curls, braids)

SMOOTHING TREATMENTS Texture treatments include a blow-dry, however hair-cuts are additional. Express Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment Brazilian Blowout

CONDITIONING TREATMENTS Does not include haircut or blow-dry. Deep Conditioning Detoxifying Davines Circle Chronicle

Bridal Updo Price upon consultation and trial up do prior to wedding

COLOR Color Retouch Roots Color Retouch ends Partial Hi-Light Full Hi-Light Balayage Color

Ombre Color Color Glaze

Salon Hair Howtoget hair that haspeople thinkingyou just left thesalon

Tip 1: Much likegoodmake-upstartswithhealthyskin, fresh stylesstartwithhealthyhair. High-qualityshampoos andconditionerscontainahighconcentrationof ingredients that arebeneficial toyour hair. Thoughsomedrugstorebrandsboast includingmanyof these ingredients, they’reoften lowinvolumeand also includedamagingchemicalsandfillers that candryyour hair out, making it brittleanddull. Tip2: Perhaps themost overlooked tool inall those in our arsenal, thehairbrushweusedailyplaysan important role incultivatinghealthy, shiny locks. Bristles inaquality hairbrusharedesigned tobeheat resistant. There’snoquestionwe needheat tocreate thevolumeweseek. Usingablowdryerwitha cheapbrushcancauseplasticbristles tomelt, damagingour hair. Surprisingly, thehandle isalsoan important component. Toavoid frizz,weneed thebrush tomaintain tensionwithour hair. Asilicone handlehelpsusmaintainfirmcontrolwhilepreventing fatigue. Tip3: There’sa reasonblowdrybarshave taken thenation bystormin recent years.Whodoesn’t appreciatea goodblowout?The lookgivesanair of simpleyet refinedelegance, but it doesn’t comewithout riskof damagingyour hair. Aqualityblow dryer and the right productsarenecessary tokeepyour hairglowing andamplymoisturized. Tip4: If you’reacurlygirlyandprefer thestraight look, aflat iron is likelypart of yourdaily routine. That’sgreat! Conversely, if your hair isstraight andyouprefer a littlezhush from time to time, you’re likely touseacurling iron. Alsogreat! Thesame principleapplies toboth typesof iron. Protect your hair fromheat! Followthese four tips to retain that out-of-the-salon look

Not surewhere tostart?Not surehowtoeditwhat you’recurrentlydoing?Stop into IndulgeSalonand Skin inWhitefishBay toconsultwithour hair experts.

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DermaSweep Microdermabrasion: Discover the Dermasweep difference! Dermasweep’s technology takes micro-resurfacing to the next level through their unique, customizable treatment approach and is a fast, pain-free way to solve your personal skin concerns including: hyperpigmentation, skin aging, fine lines, acneic skin, rough and uneven skin texture and skin hydration. Whether you need to be “red carpet ready” or are looking for a solution to a specific skin condition, Dermasweep can uncover a more beautiful you! Microdermabrasion

60 MINUTE TREATMENT SERIES OF THREE TREATMENTS SERIES OF SIX TREATMENTS DermaSweep Treatments Crystal-Free Exfoliation Epifusions Premiumfusions Dermasweep (add on to facial)

DermaSweep is ideal for: Pigmentary disorders, photo-damage, early aging lines, acneic skin, dry and dehydrated skin, uneven skin texture, sensitive & fragile skin, and improving overall skin health. DermaSweep treatments deliver skin specific infusions into the skin with simultaneous exfoliation and increased circulation. When combined with mild to aggressive mechanical exfoliation, patients experience a relaxing, results oriented treatment, targeted at their specific skin care concern.

EXFOLIATION Effective micro-resurfacing begins with DermaSweep’s patent-pending bristle tip system. This pain free treatment exfoliates the top most layer of skin to sweep away the appearance of skin imperfections, promote collagen, and improve radiance, tone and texture. CIRCULATION Skin benefits from lymphatic drainage, and an increase in oxygenation. Nourishing nutrients are delivered faster to improve overall skin health and boost collagen. INFUSION Our paraben-free infusion solutions target specific skincare concerns with cutting edge ingredients such as Growth Factors, Peptides, Vitamin C, TCA, and Hyaluronic Acid for optimal skin rejuvenation.

NuFACE : The 411 on facial toning

What is it? TheNuFACEdevice reduceswrinklesand

How do I use it? We like toaccompanyourNuFACEdevice withbrand’sGel Primer orHydratingLeave- OnGel Primer. Thereareadditional products andserumsavailable to target specificskin concernssuchas theLifter InfusionSerum, the Smoother InfusionSerum, Anti-Aging Infusions andaWrinkleReducer. What does it feel like? Mostlynothing!Of note, there’snovibratingor pulsing likeweexpected. Usingour TrinityPro, thereare twometal spheres that gentlymassage thecurvesof our faces. Ifweaddabit of pressure, it’sheavenly! Howmuch is it? Wecarry theNuFACETrinityPro (astronger versionofwhat you’ll findelsewhere) at Indulge SalonandSkin for$325and theNuBODY for$399.

smoothsand tones theskin throughmicrocurrent technology that stimulatescollagenandelastin.

Is it safe? Yes!NuFACE is thefirst andonlyFDA-cleared, handheld toningdevice for contouring theskin, improvingskin toneandreducingwrinkles. Does it actually work? Yes! Afewmembersof the Indulge teamhave startedusingNuFACEregularlyandwe’realready loving the resultswe’reseeing. But youdon’t have to takeourword for it…An outsidestudywasconducted toexplore the effectivenessof thedevice. The resultsof the study reflectedours.Whenusing theNuFACE Trinity for justfiveminutesperday for60days, 85%found improved facial contouring, 80%felt that their skinwassmoother and77%reported that their facewasmore toned.

Anything else? It’s recommended that thosewhoarepregnant not use theNuFACE toningdevice. If you’re interested in learningmoreaboutNuFACEand if it’sagoodfit for you, stop in for aconsultation withoneof our estheticians.

DERMALOGICA PEELS PRO POWER PEEL resurface your skin, even out and brighten your complexion, smooth fine lines, help treat acne and scarring. We offer several different types of chemical exfoliation including Enzymes, Lactic Acid, Salicylic acid, Glycolic acid, and Retinol+C. 45-60 MINUTES Peels High-intensity, professional chemical peel designed to dramatically resurface the skin with minimal recovery time. Your Dermalogica skin expert can help design a series of treatments to address your specific needs, whether you’re looking to address photoaging, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone or acne breakouts. 60 MINUTES glo Skin Beauty Glo Skin Beauty Chemical Peels: Aesthetic grade chemical peels using various acids depending on your skin needs. These treatments will

If you want to truly Indulge your skin, peels are a great addition to your skin care routine. Our skin expert can customize your peels to a variety of skin care needs and concerns. Indulge’s skin center provides a tranquil and private atmosphere for your next skin peel.

OTHER PEEL TREATMENTS Hand or Foot Peel Hand and Foot Combo Peel Decolletage Peel Full Arm Peel

Winter Skin Thedeadofwinterdoesn’t have tomeandryanddehydratedskin

1. Take lukewarmshowers. Muchas it is tempting to jump intoapipinghot shower orbath towarmup, doingsodries your skin inabigway. 2. Runahumidifier. I knowI’mnot alone inhavingunbearably drynasal passages through thewintermonths. Thebenefits of ahumidifier extendbeyond that, though, including, you guessed it,moisturizedskin. Kari especially recommends runningacoolmist humidifier right next toyourbedwhile yousleep. Especially if you’redealingwithdryskin, it’s important touse gentleexfoliants tosloughdeadcellsandflakiness fromthe surface layer. Exfoliatingalsohelpspromotecell renewal. Incorporateacid. Thewinter chill can leaveour skin looking dull. Acidssuchasglycolicandsalicyliccanhelpprovidea chemical exfoliant togettingridof deadskinandstimulate theglowyou’reafter. Mechanical exfoliantswe love. Dermalogica:Multivitamin Thermafoliant, DailyResurfacer andDailySuperfoliant (Thermafoliant’sgentler sibling–perfect for –youguessed it –dailyuse) 4. Thisone’sano-brainer: moisturize! Smart hydration isa must; else, you’ll bestuckwithgreasy, oilyskin. Doapplyyour moisturizerpromptlyafter cleansing in themorningandat night. For highlydehydratedskin,we loveusingDermalogica’sSkin HydratingMasqueovernight for extranourishment. Hyaluronicacidcanalsobeapowerful tool as it draws moisture fromdeep layersof theskinup to the top, leaving itmorehydratedand luminous.We loveDermalogica’sSkin HydratingBooster andGlo’sDailyHydration+. 5. Drink lots ofwater. This isoneof themost important componentsof ahealthybody, skin included.Medical expertssuggest drinkingabout64ozofwaterperday. 3. It seemscounterproductive tomany, but don’t overlook exfoliation!

We askedour resident esthetician for tips and tricks for howtoprevent –or, if you’realready there - overcomeparched (bothdry anddehydrated)winter skin.


Is dermaplaning right for you? It can be done on any skin type, say experts, except those with acne. And there’s zero truth to the idea that shaving makes hair grow back darker and coarser. You could do it at home (Shiseido’s pink facial shaving wands are hugely popular all over Asia), but you’d need a photographic- studio level of lighting to pick up the fine hairs, as well as a steady nerve – and hand – so this is one procedure best left to the experts. What should you do post-treatment? Eliminating dead skin cells, pollution buildup and downy hair doesn’t simply create a better base for makeup, it also allows skincare products to sink in more effectively. For the week or so after treatment, your skin will be particularly receptive to anything that you apply, so take advantage and slather on hydrating serums followed by moisturizer. As with any resurfacing treatment, skin will be more at risk from UV, so ensure it’s protected with a good SPF. If you want a deeper exfoliation, follow with a light, acid-based at- home peel. However, this can irritate, so only attempt one after you’ve had a couple of dermaplaning treatments and you understand how your skin reacts.

An exfoliating treatment that provides an alternative to chemical peels or microdermabrasion treatments and is a great choice for anyone who has fine facial hair (peach fuzz), extremely sensitive skin, redness/rosacea, or visible facial veins. The frequency of treatments is determined on an individual basis.

DERMAPLANING Single Dermaplaning treatment Series of six treatments Dermaplaning add on to facial


Microblading is an advanced semi-permanant tattoo technique whereby a superfine row of needles is used to create thin, hair like marks on the skin,which last up to 18 months. During the treatment, after a brow consultation, the new brow shape outline is penciled on, the brow area is numbed, and then pigment is implanted into the skin using very tiny needle strokes. These are built up into the new shape, and the area gradually made denser with lots of tiny hair strokes, depending on the desired result.

One, two or even three different shades of pigment can be used, creating a single, double or even triple layer brow tattoo, giving a 3D brow effect.

Eyebrows are all the rage right now, and rightfully so. Well-executed brows can elevate EVERYTHING about your face that you enjoy highlighting – your cheekbones, full lips, overall structure, those popping eyes of yours, etc.

Waxing & Tinting

Our skin center offers a private and relaxing environment for your hair removal needs. For best waxing results have at least 4-6 weeks of hair growth. No tanning allowed 48 hours before or after your appointment. You will be required to sign a Waxing Consent Form for your safety that will list any possible contraindications due to certain medications or health conditions.

TINTING Eyebrow Tint Lash Tint

WAXING Eyebrow wax/Tweeze Lip Wax Chin Wax Face wax (excludes brow wax)

Brazilian Wax UnderarmWax Half ArmWax Half Leg Wax Full ArmWax Full Leg Wax

Nose Wax Back Wax Bikini Wax

Celluma LED Light Treatments

LED-CELLUMA Light EmittingDiode (LED)phototherapy is the applicationof light energy to tissue toobtain therapeuticbenefits. Theenergy isused to improvecellularperformance. Phototherapy isknown for itshealingandanti-inflammatory propertiesandhasavarietyof applications acrossmanymedical fields. Researchhas shown that phototherapycan: increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, decrease wrinkles, decrease inflammation, improveskin toneandwrinkles, textureandclarity, ease muscleand joint pain, stiffness, spasmand arthritisandkill acnebacteria, andmuchmore. Celluma light therapy works safely and effectively, without abrasive chemicals, harmful UV-rays or side effects, to destroy acne-causing bacteria — not only clearing up existing blemishes, but preventing future breakouts before they happen. LED Treatmentscanhelpyouget onyourway to a clearer, smoother, more radiant complexion!

I ndulge S A L O N + S K I N

Indulge Salon + Skin is a full service salon and skin center located in Whitefish Bay, WI.

Our highly talented stylists, nail technicians and estheticians are incredibly dedicated to their skill and are passionate about making you look and feel your absolute best





Of all the moments in your life, your wedding day is the greatest celebration of joy and passion in which you are surrounded by the love of family and friends. It is an occasion of meaningful commitment and a time to celebrate; Indulge Salon + Skin understands just that and wants to be a part of your magical day. Our caring, professional staff is committed to providing you with the services that will add to your cherished memories and will make your dreams become a reality.

407East Silver SpringDrive WhitefishBay,WI 53217


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