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DUI & Substance Abuse Groups More to Life Counseling now offers state-approved DUI and Drug & Alcohol groups. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive, effective, and therapeutically sound treatment program in the area focusing on addressing addiction from a holistic approach by incorporating physiological, behavioral, psychological, and spiritual aspects in the healing and recovery process. We are some of the ONLY fully-licensed, clinical therapists provid- ing substance abuse and DUI treatment in the Warren and Allen County area. We are non-judgmental and believe that in order for someone to grow and achieve their goals, that they must be treated with respect, support, and kindness. Here at More to Life Counseling, you will get all of this and more from us. Welcome to More to Life Counseling.

For those who would like faith involved in their recovery and growth process, we do offer a faith-based DUI/Drug & Alcohol treatment group. We are a CLIA certified drug testing site. We can help with drug testing needs you may have.

With us you will find the best solutions to the issues you are facing. Our team is dedicated to providing you the highest quality of care.

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