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Organization of Hope (bringing hope) was established in 2009, to help enrich lives and improve communities. Our main mission is to restore hope to the hopeless and leave a mark in the lives of children, adults, veterans and families as the struggle through life. We offer a whole lot of services targeted at enriching human lives ranging from; Alcohol and drug monitoring, Mental health support, Peer support, Group counseling and therapy, Family reintegration and counseling, individual treatment planning, Adjunctive therapy, only but to mention a few, the full list can be found on our website. If you are touched by the work we are doing, you can log onto our website at and Donate Now or Text Us at 443-317-2030 or you can even volunteer today, and help us help the helpless, nothing is too little, join us as we make an impact in someone’s life today.


1.855.966.4467 CALL US Baltimore LOCATION

218 East Lexington St, Ste 600 Baltimore, MD 21202

Washington DC LOCATION

1231 Good Hope Road SE Gallery H Washington, DC 20020

During child care years, children are most vulnerable and can be easily affected. Rearing a child is a community effort which requires much work. Further, developing a strong foundation for children to grow and mature is not only essential for their personal development, but also essential to communities and neighborhoods. Children reflect the future…they are tomorrow’s leaders. Currently, a U.S. federal grant subsidizes child care for working parents who make up to 150 percent of the poverty level; this equals about $33,000 for a family of four. However, for single- parent households, which make up a large percentage in many metropolitans areas, affording proper child care even with this subsidy can be a challenge. According to a survey conducted by the Save the Children charity, one in four low income parents are unable to work because childcare is beyond their means (Save the Children, 2010). OUR SERVICES Here at The Organization of Hope’s (OOH) Youth Services we are committed to providing affordable, structured, and nurturing child care services to families in the Greater Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan Area. We provide supervised before and after-school care, structured educational development programs to children, infancy to twelve years of age, and parent training courses for new and existing parents. Collaboratively working with the parents and the child, the Youth Services works to develop a unique service plan that specifically addresses each child’s need. This collaboration helps lay the foundation for children to receive a quality education and for parents to receive the critical training they need to become the best parents they can. In addition to these services, the Youth Services also offers:

• Curriculum Development • Summer Programs • Computer Training • Homework Assistance/Tutoring Services

OUR MISSION Our mission is to provide a warm, caring and attentive learning environment for children and parents in the Greater Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan Area by working collaboratively to meet each child’s and families’ individual needs.

OUR VISION OOH’s Youth Services is dedicated to achieving a

vision for child care and parent training services in the Greater Washington/Baltimore Area that will make a sizable difference in the lives of everyone we touch.

World Doggy

• Dog Foster Service • Doggy Day Care Our services include:

• Doggy Training • Doggy Dog Walks

Organization of Hope provides services for your furry friends!!!

OUR MISSION Our goal is to nurture, support, and accelerate the development, expansion and advancement of businesses by providing high quality and robust entrepreneurial resources and services to engaging entrepreneurs in the Greater Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan Area. OUR VISION Our vision is to be a renowned enterprise development leader and to serve as catalysts for regional entrepreneurial expansion in the Greater Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan Area by providing expertise, training and premier professional networking services. Given the tough U.S. economic times, many developing and/ or revitalizing communities are greatly suffering. Today, an estimated 3 to 5 million people are without employment (Center for Economic and Policy Research, 2008). Those individuals with employment are finding the increasing need to supplement their income with an additional work and/or seek more consistent, benefits-driven employment. Our programs are designed to accelerate the successful development of business-minded individuals and entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support resources and services. These programs are geared to meet a variety of community and individual economic and socioeconomic needs, and are offered through both the actual business incubator plan and through a strong network of contacts and resources. OUR SERVICES Focus Hope’s Business Incubator is an organization which provides new business opportunities to members within the Greater Baltimore Metropolitan area. Through an array of business support resources and services, the Business Incubator is designed to accelerate the expansion of successful, sustaining entrepreneurial companies. Services offered through the Business Incubator include, but are not limited to:

• Business and Networking Opportunities • Marketing and Public Relations Services • Strategic Planning • Resource Development • GED Certificates • Career Development Training

Supporting veterans & their families

Organization Of Hope is here to help veterans who are homeless or in need. There is nothing better than community support to help out those who have sacrificed so much for the country. It is not just the veterans but their families too who make those sacrifices with them. It is time to honor such great men and women for their services. How does Organization Of Hope help them? There are many veterans who suffer from homelessness and other financial or medical difficulties. They need the help of their community members to get their lives back on track. They have the right to lead a respectable life and to get the basic facilities of food, clothing and shelter. Organization Of Hope offers a range of services to help veterans and their families in times of crisis.

There are adult day care facilities for those who feel lonely and are in need of camaraderie. They are given care and support during the day time so that they can pass their time pleasantly and their medical needs are also taken care of. Assisted living facilities are provided to those who are unable to take care of themselves or carry out their daily activities. The Organization gives this assistance with the respect and dignity.>>>

People who are willing to make a donation can do so through the Organization Of Hope to help out the veterans.

Volunteers and donations Organization Of Hope supports U.S

For those veterans who do not have a permanent housing facility, Organization Of Hope provides shelter and permanent housing. If they are eligible for employment, the Organization assists them in placement and gives skill training. There are special programs for those veterans who suffer from traumatic injuries or disorders. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder needs to be treated otherwise it can lead to substance abuse and family issues.

In some cases, veterans cannot reintegrate themselves into the normal community life because of years of their military experience. They succumb to substance abuse and family problems. Organization Of Hope ensures that they receive individual as well as family counseling for these problems. Medical checkups are done and treatment is provided so that they can get back their normal life. Proper recovery support in the form of Intensive and outpatient services is provided so that they can re-enter the community and engage in productive activities.

The families of martyrs require support of the community to deal with the emotional as well as financial difficulties. Organization Of Hope provides access to employment opportunities to these people. Assistance in job search, workshops, skills training and technical knowledge is also provided so that they can find gainful employment and become financially independent.

Servicemen, veterans and their families with the help of community volunteers who give their services to make a difference. Such support helps in promoting a healthy community life. Programs and activities are carried out with the help of these individuals who dedicate themselves to the service of humanity. The physical contribution and financial donation made by these individuals helps the organization to serve the veterans and their families better.

Donate. Volunteer.

ORGANIZATIONOFHOPE.ORG We’re in this Together.

“In every community there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart there is the power to do it.” Marianne Williamson

OUR MISSION Our mission is to provide quality and successful reintegration services to “re-entry citizens” and substastance and alchol in the Greater Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan Area and help them to become responsible and positive citizens of their community. OUR VISION Our vision is to serve as a catalysts in successfully helping ”re-entry citizens” reintegrate back into their community within the Greater Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan Area and to serve as an advocate for providing premier support and resources to help them achieve these efforts.

OOH helps to address these issues. Upon entry to our facility, we work with “re- entry citizens” to begin the process of reintegrating them back into society and offer professional training and counseling services. We work closely with the local community and many faith-based organizations to offer a comprehensive-array of quality services and programs. In addition, we offer incentives to states to help improve recidivism rates through sustainable reentry services that support success in the community. OUR SERVICES OOH is a transitional facility which offers stabilizing or re-integration services to drug free clients. While living onsite, clients must maintain employment and attend regularly scheduled individual counseling sessions. Clients are also offered group therapy to include family and/or marital therapy. Personal and professional development and trainings such as apprenticeships, customized training, internships, and job shadowing are offered to clients to assist with reentering the workforce and society.

Adult Care & Assisted Living

In addition, Bridging Hope’s Adult Day Care recipients are afforded the opportunity to socially

interact with their peers, participate in stimulating activities, and receive assistance with daily living activities with the

Our Services Bridging Hope’s Adult

For many adults, whether directly or indirectly, issues of death and illness become prevalent in their lives. Coping with these stressors is often very hard to do. As the U.S. aging population continues to grow, these stressors are increasingly exacerbated. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration on Aging, persons reaching age 65 have an average life expectancy of an additional 18.6 years, with the U.S. older adult population (those 65 and older+) having increased by 13.0% since 1998. More so, the number of Americans aged 45-64 – who will reach 65 over the next two decades – increased by 31% during this decade (HHS, 2010). More and more, families are turning to adult daycare facilities to help make growing older an enjoyable experience for their loved ones. Bridging Hope’s Adult Day Care helps to address these challenges by providing outlets for friendships to grow and offering services that help provide solace to aging adults and caregivers, as well as aid in decreasing the feelings of isolation and loneliness many aging adults experience.

Day Care is a community care facility which provides social support services to aging adults. Our facility allows caregivers the opportunity to continue working outside the home, obtain assistance with the basic physical and mental cares of their aging

utmost respect and dignity. In addition, we also provide: • Enrichment and Social Support Services • Mental/Physical Stimulation Activities • Life Coaching

loved one, and avoid the guilt that is often felt by placing a loved one in an institution. Our services afford

caregivers some respite from what can be a “24/7” responsibility of caring for their loved one.


OUR MISSION The mission of Doggy World is to provide quality pet foster care and services to dogs of U.S. service members, military families, and busy working owners throughout the Greater Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan Area. OUR VISION Doggy World dedicates itself to achieving a vision for pet foster care and services in the Greater Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan Area in which communities are inspired to take an active and shared role in the caring and sheltering of dogs.

Everyday service members who are pet owners often face a hard and unwanted decision of having to decide what to do with their pet while they are away for an upcoming deployment. If the service member is unable to find a proper home for their pet, the animal is often taken to their local shelter. Unfortunately, in the U.S. 56% if the number of cats and dogs who enter shelters are often euthanized. That equates to 4-5million animals each year (HSUS, 2010; NCPP, 2010). For the owner who feels your pet is not just your pet, but rather a member of your immediate family, this is not an option. While you are away during the day, your dog awaits patiently just to hear you put the key in the door and turn the knob. Full of energy and devotion they greet you daily. When circumstances arise that require you to depend on someone else to provide care for your dog, finding the right “home away from home” is essential. OUR SERVICES Organization of Hope’s Doggy World is dedicated to supporting veterans and military families. With a talented staff and carefully selected volunteer foster homes, we provide a safe place of love and comfort for our service members’ dogs during deployment and reunite owners with their dogs upon return. We pride ourselves in selecting foster homes that have a genuine love for animals and willingness to care for dogs. In addition to our foster home services, we also provide daycare services to busy working and/or vacationing owners who need a warm, caring and attentive place to shelter their dog while they are away. In addition to these services, Doggy World is proud to offer the following services:

we provide a safe place of love and comfort for our service members’ dogs

• Psychiatric/PTSD Services/Pets2Vets • Daycare • Grooming (Mobile) • Self-Service (Big/Small)

• Supplies • Boarding • Dog Walk • Transportation • Training

• Home Delivery • Rescue Events • Veterinarian/Medical Support**

ADULT CARE Our mission is to provide an ideal alternative to caregivers by providign supervised daytime care in a supportive and caring environment outside of the home for aging adults in the Greater Washington / Baltimore Metropolitan Area. Our vision is to be the premier leader in providing eminent and affordable adult daytime care services to aging adults and their families.

SERVICES: • Enrichment and Social Support Services • Mental/Physical Stimulation Activities • Life Coaching • Assistance with Daily Living Activities

FOSTER/GROUP HOME Our mission is to help foster children in the Greater Washington / Baltimore Metropolitan Area receive sustainable care and provide a sense of stability and belonging as they grow and develop into young, positive adults. Our vision is to help each and every foster child we service in the Greater Washington / Baltimore Metropolitan receive permanent home placement and provide ample care

Our services afford caregivers some respite from what can be a “24/7” responsibility of caring for their loved one

and attention to help them grow and develop into young, positive adults.

SERVICES: • Kinship Care Training

• Temporary Guardianship/Lodging • Biological and Foster Parent Therapy • Addiction Counseling • Tutorial Services


Ready to fight your addiction? We’ve got your back. No one fights alone. CALL 855-966-4467


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