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Our Philo�phy

Since 2007, Lisa Kaye Catering, LLC has been offering customers high quality, affordable catering in the mid-western states for off-site events. Our staff will work with you to ensure that you have a great catering experience. It is our duty to make sure that you receive the quality food and service you deserve. We are spearheaded by well-skilled chefs, who are culinary arts graduates. We always aim to impress our customers by setting a comfortable catering atmosphere and make sure that we meet your needs. Lisa Kaye Catering offers catering services primarily throughout the Midwest.


OUR MISSION To spark the interest of children and families to cook healthy foods.

OUR VISION - Use cooking to creatively develop fundamental academic building blocks, such as skills in math, science and reading - Develop lifelong cooking and life skills - Build participation confidence and make learning fun - Teach children to cook and prepare a variety of healthy foods, while also learning

about the history of culturally diverse foods - Bring families together thru culinary arts

OUR GOALS - Train children in cooking to obtain life skills - Involve parents and strengthen families - Introduce fresh nutritious foods - Create a vegetable and herb garden and inspire kids to incorporate in their dishes - Inspire families to prepare and share these foods at home - Work collaboratively with existing nonprofit organizations, schools and community groups and

enhance kids social and team building skills - Volunteer in the community and display skills - Enhance annual culinary summer camp - Incorporate culinary camp during season Use cooking to strengthen academic skills 8310WCourtland Ave Milwaukee, WI 53218 414 745-5586

T ransform a good party to a great event with our full catering service, professional staff, and most importantly...fabulous food! Choose Lisa Kaye Catering to wow your guests! “

Contact us for a free consultation and get started today!

8310WCourtland Ave Milwaukee, WI 53218 414 745-5586

Spicing Things Up

You may be surprised to learn that the state with the fastest-growing Latin American population between 2000 and 2015 was Georgia, according to the Pew Research Center. That demographic change has spurred demand over the last 10 years for Latin American cuisines at Talk of the Town Catering & Special Events in Roswell, a suburb of Atlanta, according to Andrew Brackner, executive chef and owner. As people see so many different cultures living next door, he says, they are “naturally curious” about every aspect—“most importantly, their food.” Brackner has had requests for items from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba and Nicaragua, often because a family member or guest of honor is from that country, but sometimes simply because a client is “fascinated by that specific cuisine.” He is not alone in feeling the impact of America’s evolving demographics, with Mexican still the major ethnic minority but other Latin nationalities starting to disperse nationwide. As they do, their flavorful cuisines are showing up on catering menus, too.

The success of high-end Latin restaurants, showcasing regional

variations of Mexican and other Latin cuisines, is helping educate Americans about the sophistication of Latin dishes and stimulating a desire to try them. People used to “think that every country in Latin America ate tacos,” Woodman points out, but now they’re “beginning to realize that each country has their own cuisine, and they’re all quite different.” Yossi Ohayon, founder and executive chef of Culinary Art Catering in Dallas, who serves Mexican food three or more times a week, serves a clientele that wants “newer” Mexican cuisine, not the street tacos sold at any gas station. “It’s a symphony of flavor,” he says, explaining its broad appeal. He also sees demand for long-cooking, old-fashioned fare, such as carnitas. With its spiciness and suitability for interactive formats, factors so favorable with millennial diners, Latin food is likely to be welcome at catering operations here for a long time, regardless of immigration policy. Sometimes staying authentic but often reinterpreting, chefs are adopting it and making it their own.

At Janet O’Brien Caterers + Events in the Hamptons and New York City, where Latin food has been a specialty for 10 years, it continues to grow “hugely,” according to Janet O’Brien, owner/president, who credits its popularity in part to the “wonderful Latino influence among us,” particularly the Latinos who run restaurant and catering kitchens all over America. Among those staffing her own kitchen are Argentineans, Colombians, Guatemalans and Mexicans. And while O’Brien designs the menus, she says “the hands that make the food make the difference.” Strong interest there in Brazilian food five or six years ago has slowed, and Mexican remains the major Latin attraction, its freshness and simplicity appealing to a high-end clientele who considers it both delicious and healthy. Located in Miami, a hub of Latin culture, Joy Wallace Food. Design. Experience serves a lot of Latin cuisine, but it’s primarily Argentinean, Brazilian, Cuban, Peruvian and Venezuelan, rather than Mexican, explains Elgin Woodman, corporate executive chef. A “huge influx of Venezuelans during the last three to five years” has made arepas a staple. A lot of the company’s Latin business comes from destination weddings and corporate visitors, including requests for Havana-themed nights—complete with roasted pig, paella, cigar-rollers and Latin dancers.

Mediterranean ’ s on the Move

                           €‚ƒ      „   …†‡ˆ  ‰          Š ‹Œ Š‰…†‡Ž   Š       ‘               „ ‘Š      ’       „            “   ”                                 ‘ •  ‘ •‰”  –—   €     ˜†™          š–     ’ ›  ‘Š                     Š    ”Š  €    Š                  —    „                   €Š  

               €‚ƒ „…    †„  ‡ˆ€‚  €    ‡ ‰    € ‰ Š       €ˆ  ‡ ‰ ‚  ˆ ‹  Œ     ‰€    ‰      Œ      Ž‘   €‚ƒ‡  ‰  ‡ ‰ˆ€ ‚     ‡           €ˆ

                            €‚ƒ„         ƒ   …      ƒ   …      ‚   ‚              €‚ƒ†… ‡…     ƒ  ˆ      ‰    Š ‚ …  … ‹    ‰

     ƒ  Š …        …     †…           € †ƒ  …   Œ… Ž…  €     … …      …     ‚        ‚       ‚  …     … Š            ‰      Œ …   … …  ‘ ŒŒ Œ       ƒ  …    ‚   

Smokin’ the Competition

                                              €‚ƒ      „ …†  ‡    ‡     


         ƒ      ‰           Š  € ‹Œ‰  ŒŽ‘ €Œ ’    “ ‹ €      ” Ž•          – ——     ˜ ™   €         š                          –      ˜      


                             €     ‚     

  ƒ    „…         ‚†     ‡      ˆ    ‰    Š Š €      ‹    


                                                               €€€‚ƒ          „     …    †                   ‡      ˆ‰‡       †  ˆŠ   †Š    † ‹   Œ       ‹ˆ†    Œ   †€  ‹   Œ   


Hot Pots!

                                   

   €          ‚    ƒƒ       „ …    †  †         

‡           ‚                       

                                                     €   € ‚     ƒ„    …    †  ‡    €  ˆ‰  ‡Š  ‹  Œ  

€  ‡Š   Ž‘ ‹    ‚               ‚   ‡

Š     ’  “                   ‚“              

options as well as on time service with great food. [see our corporate menu] GENERAL CATERING We offer general catering for both small and large affairs WEDDINGS Your wedding ceremony is a celebration of two hearts ready to make a journey. This is not only a joyous occasion for those present, but a step into making a lifetime memory. Family, friends and food are key elements to your adventure. CORPORATE EVENTS Our corporate and small business customers enjoy a full range of menu ur Services

Need catering and don't know where to start? Contact us for a free consultation and get started today! Text to: 414 745-5586

We always aim to impress our customers by setting a comfortable catering atmosphere and make sure that we meet your needs.

Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.

8310 W Courtland Ave Milwaukee, WI 53218 414 745-5586

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