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                            €€€ € ‚ ƒ     How and Why it Started:

       „   †    ‡    ˆ          

“This isn’t something that people jump into and start helping people. They can do more harm than good, especially if it is not coming from a place of true intent, service, and love.” – Serelle

Serelle’s Background

                                                                                                                                                          €  ‚                € ƒ„ …           “I am not your teacher. I consider myself a student: more so than anything.” - Serelle

 †           ‚                         

“I am here for support, guidance, and direction. Anything we can offer here for your own spiritual enhancement and studies to get you on the right path.” - Serelle

Serelle and her team work off people’s energy. Serelle is not “someone’s monkey” to perform tricks for. She does not work on demand and has to open herself up to the energies present. Serelle has done readings for nuns and attorneys to businesses and law enforcement. When the person seeking answers is open to it, she can read them. When folks get confrontational and demanding, their energies are muddied and not receptive to Serelle’s gifts. “I am just an instrument,” confides Serelle when discussing her gifts. She believes that she was chosen and given these gifts to use them in this fashion, as others have different ones, which they may or may not use in their daily lives. When she was laying the groundwork for her shop, Serelle did do public readings at bars and other places; however, she found the energy hard and static. She continues to get new clients frommany various recommendations and word-of-mouth. Serelle does not keep herself open to the energies all the time as it is draining and the lower, negative energies will attempt to attach themselves. “What I offer is what I am allowed to,” says Serrelle, “I am just going to be honest with that.”

Not only did Serelle do research into her gifts, she worked hard at it, practicing with other readers and learning how to best commune. A big portion of her success is removing her own ego from the equation, which Serelle believes to interfere with many hobbyist readers. Serelle stays away from the dark portions of these practices and is ever mindful of the information she receives. “There is such a thing as dark angels,” warns Serelle, “where they give you a little truth, and they get you hooked.” Those that are doing these wayward practices have to watch themselves, and if they persist in it, “they will have to deal with their own karma”. Serelle does not operate on scare tactics, removing curses, hexes, and spells for free. Serelle in her research saw how others operated and read. She talked to professionals who practiced truth and some who proffered deception. Serelle knows many of the local readers and the best practices offered, so she can operate with the upmost care that she can. Serelle may be blunt in readings when communing, but it is coming from a place of truth. Serelle prays before every reading, asking for protection not only for herself but her client as well. She did not know what she was going to sell beyond her gifts at first. She wanted to inform patrons and open their eyes to wider truths but did not know how. Her Guides pushed her to open shop and asked what she had on her bookcases that her clients could use. Everything in Serelle’s shop are things that she has at home and uses. Serelle stays away from the dark stuff as it leads to deceit, and she wants to offer a safe place where folks will not be judged. Some may think they have really weird questions, but Serelle has heard mostly all of it. “That is my main purpose: to answer insights, [questions], and directions.” , , . , . . , , , . , , . , , , . . . , . , . , . . . . ’ . , . , . : , , .

OUR FEATURED “IN-SHOP” READER: SPIRITUAL ADVISOR – SERELLE I have always been drawn to the “Spiritual Arts” since early childhood. I have been blessed and gifted with Empathic, Intuitive , and many of the Clairs! By combining my gifts, along with the useful tools of Tarot, Angelic Oracle, Astrology, and other forms of divination; it is part of my “life purpose” to help my clients improve their lives and find their direction during their readings, and by my many other various services.

Celebrating the Divine within

New age gifts to celebrate your spirituality.

6728 W. Morgan Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53220 Hours: Tues - Sat 10AM - 630PM Sun & Mon Closed 414.321.0801

A�cendedGif�s Magazine

“My experience with Serelle was awesome! She is a truly gifted Tarot and Angelic card reader. My reading was extremely detailed and accurate. Her natural psychic abilities added even more credibility to my reading. I highly recommend Serelle to anyone who is looking for a “real” reader.” ~ Michele B.

6728 W. Morgan Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53220 • 414-321-0801 •

Ascended Gifts oers readings, reiki treatment, palmists, angelic oracles, tarot, blessings, cleansings, past life readings, and monthly spirit fairs. There are readers at Ascended Gifts daily that can oer a discount reading, which only takes 15 minutes. Serelle also has a woman that oers tea readings occasionally as well. The Spirit Fairs that Ascended Gifts oer house occasional practitioners that are not at the shop on a more regular basis. Tarot card readings are wonderful tools for getting straight answers to questions, especially on issues concerning career, love, and nances. Angelic oracle readings are from the heavenly domain, getting insights and directions from angels and sometimes loved ones. A more comprehensive angelic form of reading is Ascended Gifts’ past lives reading, where the reader channels and receives details and messages from the heavenly domain, Guardian Angels, and Spirit Guides of their client. This can be delved further by doing a past lives regression, where the client is eased into their previous lives to gain insight to their personality, talents, outlooks, relationships, past lessons, and much more. Beyond readings, Serelle oers home cleansings and blessings, which can remove negative energies within a space. Serelle can then seal the entryways into the space to prevent further incursions. Ascended Gifts includes with these sessions written instructions, smudging, and prayers for the client to use at their discretion, following the initial cleansing. A personal cleansing or reiki aura and chakra cleansing is also oered at Ascended Gifts. Serelle focuses on healing, channeling positive energy, and releasing aberrant energy from the client. She invokes sound, crystals, music, and certain angels to aid in the process and the goals of the session. Ascended Gifts is also the only place in Milwaukee that oers aura imaging to showcase where one’s energies lay and are concentrated currently. Lastly, Ascended Gifts oers meditative yoga courses to focus on the poses and spirituality of its participants. There are many more things that Ascended Gifts oer, feel free to inquire about what else may be currently oered. Services

Looking into the Future

Ascended Gifts is hoping to expand into the space next door in May 2019. Serelle hopes to keep the retail space the same and moving the courses, meditation, yoga, and practices in the adjacent area. She has been eyeing the next-door spot since the initial opening but had “to keep it realistic” in the beginning with what she could initially aord. Business has been going well, and Serelle is excited for the imminent expansion. There is still plenty that needs to be done: revamping, cleansing, and code and occupancy checks, until Ascended Gifts can open these new doors.

Ascended Gifts 6728 W. Morgan Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53220 • 414-321-0801 •


6728 W. Morgan Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53220 A�cendedGif�s Hours: Tues • Sat: 10AM - 6:30PM Sun & Mon: Closed


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