Twin City Counseling Layout

• Addiction Education During the first phases of counseling we educate clients about the disease of addiction, helping them to understand what is required to begin recovery. • Continued Abstinence In subsequent sessions groups focus on remaining abstinent, facing challenges that can lead to relapse, regaining general health and planning for life after treatment. • Lifestyle Changes Participants learn how to deal with the pressures associated with immediate lifestyle changes. • Skills for Living Clients gain an understanding of the continuing changes necessary for successful recovery during sessions addressing clean and sober living skills.

A third generation family owned business situated in beautiful historic downtown Winston- Salem. Operating for over 35 years. Twin City Counseling Center offers DWI/Non-DWI & DWLR Substance Abuse Assessments and Treatment. Our treatment options consist of a variety of different classes. The Groups are a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and reality therapy.

We can assist clients with out of state DWI/DUI’s or also people who live out of state and have NC DWI/DUI’s.

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