Milwaukee Preforma Layout

Model 1: Single Group 1. SINGLE LEGAL ENTITY. A group practice that is otherwise a single legal entity may itself own subsidiary entities. 2. PHYSICIANS. The group practice must have at least two physicians who are members of the group (whether employees or direct or indirect owners) 3. RANGE OF CARE. 4. SERVICES furnished by group practice members (substantially all) 5. DISTRIBUTION of expenses and income. 6. UNIFIED BUSINESS. (1) The group practice must be a unified business having at least the following features: (i) Centralized decision-making by a body representative of the group practice that maintains effective control over the group’s assets and liabilities and; (ii) Consolidated billing, accounting, and financial reporting (2) Location and specialty-based compensation practices are permitted with respect to revenues derived from services that are not DHS and may be permitted with respect to revenues derived from DHS 7. VOLUME or value of referrals. 8. PHYSICIAN-PATIENT encounters. 9. SPECIAL RULE for productivity bonuses and profit shares.

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