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1. Brand differentiation Print stands out. Because fewer brands publish print magazines than did in the past, the ones that do get noticed. An eye-catching magazine can enhance your health care provider’s community profile more than the regular health care provider newsletter and show prospective patients what’s unique about your health care provider and its stories. 2. Message longevity In the digital world, most content has a short shelf life. If your Facebook fans don’t see your posts within a day, it’s doubtful they’ll see them at all. Compare that to a print magazine, which continues to accumulate readers long after publication, and the benefit is obvious. 3. Market penetration Custom print media costs more than advertising on social media, but it offers exposure to your entire distribution list, something no digital ad platform can match. Count readers who share magazines with their families and friends and the ability of print to penetrate a market is unparalleled. 4. Audience engagement When Americans read magazines, they spend an average of 53 minutes reading each issue—much more time than they spend reading any online content. 5. Consumer influence In the healthcare space, magazines reach influential consumers more effectively than any other medium, exceeding the internet by 20 percentage points and close to doubling the reach of TV.

6. Build name recognition A great way to make your name stand out from the pack is to place it on content people actually want to consume. Unlike TV commercials that get muted or letters that get thrown in the trash, custom magazines are designed to give their readers exactly what they’re looking for: highly relevant content that they’ll not only be happy to read but also eager to pass along to their family and friends. 7. Educate your local community Educating the community on important health topics is part of any health care provider’s mission. You could spend weeks or months working to improve your search engine rankings so people end up on your website or a competing health care provider’s site, or you could meet them halfway with the information they’re looking for. 8. Drive web traffic With the rise of the web and social media, the content you create is no longer limited by the number of pages in a magazine. It’s easy to give readers a glimpse into what’s going on at your health care provider and then send them to your website to learn even more. 9. Showcase excellence Whether you’re dedicating a new wing, introducing a new physician or highlighting a specialty, a custom magazine can give your high-quality service the platform it deserves. Include patient success stories as well so your readers don’t have to take your word for it. 10. Promote events Promoting your health care provider events on your website and on social media is great, but that only helps if people visit your pages or follow you. By promoting your events in a custom publication, you can drive attendance by ensuring that the details permeate the surrounding community.


HELLO, MY NAME IS _____. with the TheInfluence.org . We are a daily news and information website on addiction, treatment, and recovery. I wanted to follow up with you regarding the package of information we shipped out to you pertaining to our “RECOVERY, EDUCATION AND AWARENESS” INITIATIVE. DID YOU RECEIVE THE PACKAGE?

THE BEST PART of this initiative is that it is a sponsored initiative. TheInfluence.org partnered with our sponsors to cover most, if not all, of the associated costs for producing the items which you see in the packet, WHICH INCLUDES:





THE OVERARCHING MISSION of this initiative is to spread this message of RECOVERY, PREVENTION, EDUCATION, AND AWARENESS for as we know education and information is the key in combating the disease of addiction.

The magazine, flyer, and brochure are fully customized to spread your individual message as well. T h e Science of Healing. T h e Art of Caring.

T h e Science of Healing. T h e Art of Caring. AMedicalPracticeDedicatedtotheReliefofPain.






8901North76thStreet Milwaukee,WI53223

8901North76thStreet Milwaukee,WI53223


Americanspreferpainmanagementwithoutdrugs 78percentpreferalternatives topainmeds


Dr.Thomas-King,M.D. |MedicalDirector


T h e Science of Healing. T h e Art of Caring. AMedicalPracticeDedicatedtotheReliefofPain. Dr.Thomas-King is joinedbyateam ofspeciallytrained,highlyskilled healthcareprofessionals committedtoprovidingqualitypain managementcare inawarmand compassionateenvironment.

T h e Science of Healing. T h e Art of Caring. AMedicalPracticeDedicatedtotheReliefofPain.



8901North76thStreet Milwaukee,WI53223

Sharing her journey Family Oriented Coordinator helps educate patients Seeing patients get better brings satisfaction



AMedicalPracticeDedicated totheReliefofPain.



8901North76thStreet Milwaukee,WI53223

8901North76thStreet Milwaukee,WI53223

Working for


414-354-0772 This initiative promotes the idea that “TREATMENT WORKS AND RECOVERY IS REAL.” www.paindr.biz inquiries@paindr.biz Dr.Thomas-King is joinedbyateam ofspeciallytrained,highlyskilled healthcareprofessionals committedtoprovidingqualitypain managementcare inawarmand compassionateenvironment. AMedicalPracticeDedicated totheReliefofPain. Dr.Thomas-King,M.D. |MedicalDirector 8901North76thStreet Milwaukee,WI53223

PMTC Founder Looks Back



Our staff writers will interview your employees and important figures to create editorial content that best communicates your message.

We also have photographers on staff that will travel to your location and take pictures of your staff that will be used in the final design.

PERTAINING TO COST Our sponsors fund 100% of this venture for their current clients, and 85% of the cost for non-clients. SO AT THE END OF THE DAY, WHAT DOES THAT LOOK LIKE FOR YOUR AGENCY? In your packet you received a custom magazine, flyer, and brochure that has a retail price point of $19.95 PER UNIT. 85% is subsidized by our sponsors.

$2.99 PER UNIT is the final cost to you.

There is a MINIMUM ORDER , which I think you will see leaves a very nominal fee of $897 for 300 custom magazines, 300 custom flyers, and 300 custom brochures.

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