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At CHS, our mission is to empower individuals and promote self-awareness via supportive and therapeutic interventions. This is why we are expanding our services and also increasing our professional staff by adding the following programs – Adult & Pediatric Primary Care, Psychiatry Urgent care, Physical Therapy and Substance Abuse (IOP & OP), thus making us a “Wellness Center” and an option for the clients and the community to get all of their services here at CHS, says Mr. Ojo. Our goal is not only to treat but to also encourage and partner with our immediate community, thereby bringing back positivity and happiness to individuals and families. Our vision for year 2018-2019 is “growing better together”. We hope to see our clients and the community grow tangibly with these new services from weakness to strength, unemployment to employment, and stronger family ties. To better serve the community, CHS will ensure that “no client is left behind” says Mr. Ojo who has 15 years of executive experience, a master’s degree in Social Work and an ongoing Doctorate degree from Hood College. Our focus is to meet clients’ major barriers to treatment – i.e. location and circumstances with our ultra-compassionate and sensitive team. For example, nursing mothers with mental illness, young adults with substance abuse disorders and traumatized families.

Change Health Systems (CHS) is a community wellness clinic located inside Mondawmin Mall, Northwest Baltimore; Lexington Market, downtown Baltimore; and in downtown Hagerstown, Maryland. CHS opened its door in 2003 to provide services that was “seen lacking in the community” according to the

CEO, Mr. Israel Ojo. As a result, CHS birthed services such as Outpatient Mental Health Services, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program, Therapeutic Behavioral Services and Respite Services which address behavioral health and provide support to individuals and families that make up the local community.

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