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About Us Can You Hear Me Now books Speakers and Artists for important events all over the United States! Our focus is making sure that the event you are responsible for has the Speaker or Artist that is the best fit for your audience. We work with many former NFL players, MLB, Harlem Globetrotters and Olympic athletes, women and more! We book women and men who keenly know how to connect with the right audience, whether it is a school assembly, corporate event, church, youth organization, service organization, graduation, wedding, keynote, fundraiser or prison.

We work hard to make sure that we communicate YOUR MESSAGE clearly, and we smooth out everything possible so that your event is outstanding! Our desire is that we would be your “go to” company when you need one of our professional inspirational motivators for your events. Whatever your school, church, or business meeting needs, “Can You Hear Me Now” provides the Motivational Message through Speakers, Teachers, Comedians, Singers…and More! We understand that YOU are responsible for delivering a successful event. “Can You Hear Me Now” will work for you behind the scenes to arrange and execute the details necessary to ensure your success.

Peggi Merkey 281.859.8810

Peggi Merkey

Peggi Merkey is the founder of Can You Hear Me Now. She explains, ” I get to work with all the positive people of the world! Audiences love our variety of speakers and when the audience is happy, the decision-maker feels “safe!” We know that choosing “that right speaker” is of utmost importance to you and we work our hardest to make that happen.

We are grateful that you chose to check out our website today!

Call us and tell us what you need, and we can supply the right person for the right event. To book an athlete, celebrity, olympian, or music artist who will impact your audience, call us to talk to Peggi or one of her assistants.

Call: 281.859.8810


Hannah Curlee Young is half the woman she used to be – or 48.39% of her former self, to be exact! Curlee and her sister Olivia Ward were the top two finishers on Season 11 of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” reality show. By the show’s end, Curlee had dropped from 248 pounds to 128, a 120-pound loss. For viewers, the transformation was startling. For Hannah, it was life altering! The Houston native was high school homecoming queen and accomplished athlete before an accident at age 20 resulted in spinal surgery and the beginning of life on the sidelines. Twelve years and over 100 pounds later, Hannah started her journey back to good health when she and her sister snagged a couple of spots on the “The Biggest Loser.” During her eight months on the show, support from back home was one of her biggest sources of strength. Letters and emails from former colleagues, doctors, nurses and other staff at Hospital Corporation of America, (her employer) buoyed her spirits and kept her focused on her goal. Today, Curlee is committed to paying back the help and support she received. Hannah currently tours the country sharing her journey to health and she also runs her own private coaching company. She will also be launching a podcast in 2019 with sister and Biggest Loser Winner Olivia Ward and sister Norah Curlee as well as the launch of her new website “”. You have seen Hannah on The Doctor’s, Dr. Drew’s Life Changers, Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, on the cover of Fitness Magazine, In Touch Magazine and People Magazine as well as many other media outlets. Hannah splits her time traveling across the country as a motivational speaker, coaching others and spending time with her husband/Personal Trainer, Pate Young and her 2 year old son, Milo. Hannah and her family reside in Nashville, TN.

AUSTIN LANIER Austin has done school assemblies across the world encouraging students to embrace their unique identity, never give up during difficult times, and make the right decisions in order to turn their dreams into reality just like he did. From playing soccer in foreign countries, to sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in the music industry he has never lost sight of what is most important… his PURPOSE. His ‘IDENTITY’ based assembly can focus on a variety of topics ranging from: – Identity/Mindset/Attitude – Stay in School/Go to College – Anti-drugs – Anti-Bullying/Social Media – Peer Pressure/Anti-Drugs – Mental Health/Suicide Prevention – Standardized Testing/Make The Grades

Austin uses his talents with impressive soccer tricks and relevant music to convey a relatable message, as well as give practical tools to help make a lasting impact. Students, parents, and administrators at every school Austin visits leave similar comments to these listed below: “The night before you came to our school I wrote my suicide note and planned to kill myself the next day after saying bye to my friends. I just want you to know that you really impacted my life and helped me decide suicide is not the way to go. I’ve been struggling to find my identity for a year now. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone. Every day is a battle, but because of your story I’m going to keep fighting. Thank you.”

“You went to my daughter’s school about a month ago, and you honestly changed her life. She’s only 13 and I had no idea how bad she felt about herself and how stressed she was until after that day. She came home and told me she was done trying to impress everyone at school, and done trying to be someone she wasn’t. Since then, she is a completely different girl. She’s no longer insecure and shy. Her grades and attitude have been amazing since then. I don’t know what all you did that day, but I hope you continue helping other kids the way you did mine. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Oh, and you autographed her wrist, and I couldn’t get her to wash

it off for 2 weeks! Lol” - High School Students

Hear LEARN Speak

MORE SPEAKERS Dominic Miller At 6 feet 3 inches tall, with a very muscular

frame of 290 lbs, Dominic Miller was a standout defensive lineman for the University of Houston. He was one of the strongest players on the team. He played in the middle of a defense that helped lead the University of Houston to one of its best seasons in school history. He also assisted his team in a NCAA bowl game victory over a tough Penn State University football team. Dominic was also an outstanding player at one of the top Junior Colleges in the nation, Blinn Jr College in Texas. He helped lead the team to a National Championship. He had a notable teammate at Blinn Jr. College, who is currently one of the top young superstar quarterbacks in the NFL, Cam Newton. Dominic was recruited across the nation by over 15 top division one major college powerhouse football programs. He chose to play at the University of Houston in order to stay close to home. Dominic is presently a free agent in the NFL right now, pursuing his first NFL contract. Dominic has achieved another victory that goes beyond the football field; it’s an achievement in the arena of academics. He is the first person in his family to graduate with a college degree! Considering the major obstacles of his past, as well as having both of his parents incarcerated during his youth, he has demonstrated that he is a man of intense determination and unyielding perseverance.

Cheyanne was born and raised in Humble, Texas by two parents, until the age of seven. In that seventh year, her parents got a divorce and she moved very frequently from one parent’s house to the other. She became the person in the middle, and this started her internal struggles. She felt lonely, isolated, hopeless and rejected. Although she had a purpose and destiny in her life, she did not feel it, and became very depressed. Cheyanne’s mom was suicidal and she had to watch, hear, and live with the fear and stress that is brought on from this trauma. Through her life she has also attempted suicide. The second time she was planning on committing suicide, a speaker, Austin Lanier, came to her school. He spoke about feeling lost and being depressed. He also touched on how he has a mentor who is helping him. He was able to overcome these things andnow is a motivational speaker in cities across the United States. Cheyanne reached out to him and he connected her with a mentor! She is approaching two years with her mentoring! She has learned, as well as continues to learn, the importance of identifying lies and speaking truth over herself. As she began to feel loved and valued, as many kids want and need, she has grown to start trusting God with her whole life. Cheyanne is now sharing her story on stage with others. She loves to speak about the hope she now has so that others can KNOW that there is hope instead of suicide. She has barely just graduated high school and has a huge servant heart! She loves being involved as well as helping and inspiring students. Because she is so close in age to the students she speaks to, they find her very relatable, and she can walk them through issues that they may not be able to share with others. They love hearing her story and how she has overcome so many obstacles! She is able to hold their attention as she speaks from the stage and then afterwards with them. She loves kids and has a huge heart for others!



Every Monday night, you will find a small group of people that descend on Harris County Jail (Big Baker) at 1201 Commerce Street in downtown Houston. Because Houston is so big, when inmates get out of jail, they normally have to wait long periods of time for a ride to pick them up. While waiting, our group named “Low Profile” feeds them Chick-fil-A, pizza, or Hot Spicy Chicken Sandwiches, as well as cookies or candy and bottles of water. Many who come out have experienced trauma and welcome us there. Most are very grateful and keep asking us, “Why do you all do this?” We tell them it’s because we get to meet awesome people like them; because everyone, no matter what they have done, has a beautiful destiny. We encourage them to never come back unless they are coming back to help us. We talk to them about HOW to never come back, bettering themselves and choosing different friends. We offer support by offering to meet with them and to get them plugged into a local gathering of believers at Hip Hop Hope, as well as other events and churches we are involved in. We help them with taxi rides or rides with Uber. We are so grateful that we get to go each week to our downtown jail. Once, we were actually almost “kicked out,” but then we talked to the captain (the boss) of the entire jail. He gave us permission to keep going, saying that he felt that what we were doing was very beneficial to the inmates. He asked us to keep a “LOW PROFILE” and we were so appreciative for him going to bat for us! “Nothing would run us away from the BEST PART OF OURWEEK! This day is on Monday nights at the Harris County jail, talking to every person who is released between 8:30 pm and 1:00 am. Come join any Monday! Some people on our team even go other nights of the week too!

Peggi Merkey 281.859.8810

Jonathan Combs 281.986.7980



In 2006, Morgan was crowned Miss Oklahoma Teen USA and in 2010, she won the title of Miss Oklahoma USA—both on her first attempt. During her Oklahoma USA pageant experience, Morgan was awarded Best in Evening Gown, Best in Swimsuit, as well as the Mentor Award, voted by the teen contestants. Morgan placed in the top 15 at Miss Teen USA 2006 and was 1st runner-up at Miss USA 2010. After Miss USA, Morgan continued working for modeling agencies across the United States and around the world, appearing in various national ad campaigns, including features in Cosmo Girl, Seventeen Magazine, Teen PROM, and Teen Vogue to name a few. Morgan has also showcased her legendary catwalk on the stage at New York Fashion Week, and has widespread experience with red carpet corresponding, event hosting, and working with the local and national media.

After graduation, Morgan married Brian, and a couple months later, they moved to the United Kingdom to serve on the mission field for two years. Together they aided their local community in many different facets, mentoring inside and outside of schools, working mostly with young people, as well as families from a broad spectrum of socio- economic backgrounds and nationalities, including refugees and asylum seekers. Morgan considers these experiences to be among the greatest honors of her life. During her time abroad, Morgan spearheaded the first young women’s conference in her area, which has now become a thriving, annual event. She simultaneously attended graduate school full-time online, receiving a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry. Though having taken a break from academics during her transition back to America, Morgan has reached the midpoint in also completing a Masters of Divinity in Theology. She endeavors to finish this degree sometime in the near future, as well as realize her long-time dream of becoming a published author. She deeply enjoys encouraging the next generation through public speaking, and does so at conferences, churches, and school events whenever available. Her favorite pastime by far is traveling—Morgan has visited over 30 countries. While she has cherished all of life’s adventures thus far, the one adventure Morgan is looking forward to most will be arriving in March 2017 when she meets her precious baby girl and becomes a mother for the first time.

Feel the intensity when Keith Davis walks into the room. If the kids have decided, “it’s just another assembly,” their minds are quickly changed within the first three minutes of this dynamic presentation! Keith has the “POWER” to change the atmosphere and environment of the entire student body whether in Elementary, Middle, High School, College or Adult groups! Sit on the edge of your seat while he performs!


A former NFL linebacker, Rose Bowl champion and USC graduate, Keith Davis overcame tremendous family obstacles and reading difficulties to obtain a degree in business finance. To add to his degree, he was awarded the number one academic scholar on his team. His personal victories inspire his exciting, interactive and dynamic program which challenges people of all ages to pursue a lifestyle of excellence. Keith is a man of character and commitment who truly lives by the principles that he shares. The attention of his students is captured by an incredible display of strength. The display, coupled with exciting music, create a thrilling atmosphere and a lasting impression. These feats also serve as a visual aid to a powerful and relevant message. This program is filled with a great deal of humor, student interaction and volunteer participation. No student or adult will be able to sleep through this program! Keith Davis was a pro football player and an Academic Scholar student. He has spoken in over 3,000 schools world-wide. He has taught his motivational program in 47 states and 25 countries including Australia, Brazil, England, Japan, Russia, Egypt and South Africa. For his high school audiences, Keith touches on relationships. He challenges students to build their relationships on the front seat of respect, not the back seat of disgrace. Keith has found that because many students listen to wrong voices, they make wrong choices. Keith encourages each student to hang out with dream makers not dream breakers.


The AtTtic is our local Houston organization that meets 3 times a month on Monday nights. Twice during the month we meet at Green Meadows Apartment Complex on Keith Harrow in Houston, Texas. Our time there consists of mentoring the children, fun and clean Hip Hop and visual lessons that help steer kids in the right direction. The third Monday is for planning and team building. Because of our two year span with the same group, we are very passionate about our time with the children at Green Meadows and have earned much trust with parents and the complex’s management.


Peggi Merkey~ 281.859.8810

Tiffani Dusang~ 281.814.9430

Aimee Benavidas~ 281.352.7805


Melvin Adams is a Former Harlem Globetrotter whose passion is to change the total teenage culture in America and he has spoken to over 4 million kids worldwide. Whether the subject is making wise choices as a youth, or learning how to be an exceptional parent, wife or husband, you will find Melvin persuading all that he comes in contact with to become successful in every area of life. Melvin Adams played with the Harlem Globetrotters until he retired to do public speaking. He has had the privilege of speaking to over 4 million people world wide at school assemblies, corporate events, Upward Closing Ceremonies, mens’ groups, basketball clinics/camps, prisons and other youth events. Melvin was born in 1971 and grew up in the ghetto of Houston, Texas. At the age of 13, his father died. With the pressure of being financially strapped and surrounded by hopeless situations, he turned to sports. He has overcome incredibly negative circumstances in his life to achieve the dream of playing professional basketball. His height is only 5’8”! Hard work and endless practicing kept him out of trouble. He now resides in Houston, Texas with his wife and two sons!

He is an extremely dynamic and energetic speaker to: - Youth - Men - Corporate America - Churches - Schools - Prisons - Camps and Comedy

TANYA CREVIER All eyes were trained on Tanya Crevier, the best woman basketball handler, as she spun the orbs in a way that would make the Harlem Globetrotters dizzy. Basketballs were spinning across Crevier’s back, on a hula hoop, on water bottles, on pens held by brave volunteers and atop a pole that stretched to the ceiling.

The former Women’s Professional Basketball League player has traveled to more than 30 countries to perform and share a message of hope to people of all ages through her Spintacular Basketball Show….”Each of us have a personal story we share about being an overcomer.

We want to give these kids hope and keep those dreams alive,” The former Women’s Professional Basketball League player has traveled to more than 30 countries to perform and share a message of hope to people of all ages through her Spintacular Basketball Show….”Each of us have a personal story we share about being an overcomer. We want to give these kids hope and keep those dreams alive,” she said. Crevier even taught the audience the secret to balancing any pole — whether it’s plastic or a wooden broom stick: “Look upward.” …..“Look at the opportunity and don’t always focus on your shortcomings,” Crevier said. “Have the courage to look upward and find a solution.” The Crevier family is truly amazing. They travel the world demonstrating greatness to students with perseverance and tenacity with their skills. This translates to students that they can reach their dreams and passions, also! They are motivated to reach further than ever before and taught that dreams are reached by DAILY disciplines and methods that work! No one is exempt from doing what they were born to do! Their message that goes along with their talents truly leave the students wanting to “keep up the good work!” “keep up the good work!”

MORE SPEAKERS Zeeda Zeeda was raised in the Fisher Housing Project on the West bank of New

Orleans, She is the youngest girl of 8 children, whom all were raised by a single mother. Her father was shot in the head on the streets of California when she was only four years old. Zeeda’s mom worked extremely hard to provide a stable environment for her family, although it was sometimes chaotic. Being without a father this led Zeeda to look for love in all the wrong places.

By age 16 Zeeda was pregnant and forced to drop out of high school. By age 21 she was pregnant again and in a very abusive relationship with a local drug dealer, who was mentally, physically and sexually abusing her. Not long after finding out about her pregnancy Zeeda was incarcerated as an accessory to a crime. After four months, she was released from prison; although she was released, she was still mentally locked up. Overwhelmed with pain and sadness, she attempted suicide. Unsuccessful in her suicide attempt, Zeeda begin to do some soul searching, and came to the conclusion that all that she had been through was for a purpose! Zeeda’s magnetic personality has the ability to captivate the attention of people of all ages, and from all walks of of life! She has been coined the Power Speaker for the NEXT and NOW generation! Last year she released her first book ‘From Pain To Power.” This book is motivating and transforming the lives of all the people that it comes into contact with! If you are looking for a speaker that will leave a long lasting impact…Zeeda is your speaker!

John Egan

John Egan is the former Coach of Houston’s NBA team, the Houston Rockets! He has always been a leader on and off the Court! He was Captain of his High School team, Weaver High School in Hartford, Connecticut. His team won the Connecticut State Chamnpionship and New England Championship with a record of 25-0! He was MVP in State and New England Tournament. He was also Captain of his college team, Providence College. He won NIT at Madison Square Garden and New York City all Tournament team!

John Egan played in the NBA for 12 years and played in the championship series in 1968 and 1969 with the Los Angeles Lakers

He coached the Houston Rockets for 3 1/2 years!

Today he still helps players of all ages with Skills training. From 2004-2009, he was President of the National Basketball Retired Players Association. He also shares much of his time doing Charity work in the Houston Community.

YOUR SUCCESS! We can ensure

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