What is Methadone? Methadone is a synthetic opiate that, when properly prescribed: • Blocks the effects of opiates • Relieves withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate addiction • Is not intoxicating or sedating, and therefore does not interfere with ordinary activities • Is a liquid or tablet medication that has been used safely for more than 30 years. What Are Opiates? Opiates are narcotic drugs that contain or are derived from opium. Opiates are often used to alleviate pain, but when abused, they can cause serious health issues, addiction, and death. The following are a fewcommonly used opiates: • Heroin

• Lorcet • Percodan • Vicodin • Dilaudid

• Morphine • Oxycontin • Lortab

If I Choose Medically Assisted Treatment, Does This Mean I Will Be On Methadone For The Rest Of My Life? Absolutely not. Our medically assisted treatment program is specifically designed for people who want to be completely free from all drugs - including Methadone. Will Methadone Work for Alcohol, Cocaine, or Other Forms of Drug Addiction? No. Methadone is not a suitable treatment for addiction to these drugs. There are other treatments that are better suited for these addictions.

What Are the Benefits of Methadone Treatment? There are many benefits to methadone treatment. Notable benefits include: • Improved physical health • Improved social status and self-image • Improved employability and financial stability • Reduced criminal activity

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